A digital guest directory in the hotel?

You're probably thinking: "in each room a tablet?" Exactly, in each room a tablet that serves as a digital guest directory! It's the only way to really reach all your guests during their stay.

After all, what are the alternatives?

  • TV systems: have very high investment fees, but are hardly used.

  • Mobile internal site / Wifi Landing Page: are often skipped in order to surf the Internet. Often for bookings a booking code has to be entered, what prevents many guests on the use. If the booking code is omitted, there is a security problem: e.g. orders could be booked to a different room.

  • Hotel Apps e.g. for Android or iPhone: in part very expensive and rarely installed. You can see the low number of downloads in the AppStore.

So why put tablets with the Tabero Digital Concierge in each room?

  • Utilization rate: More than 89% of guests use the digital guest directory daily

  • Accessibility: with one click you can reach all guests, whether with a bookable offer or a personal welcome message

  • High security: as each tablet is assigned to a specific room, you always know exactly which guest placed the order

  • Easy to use: guests do not need to enter a booking or Wifi Code, they only need to pick up the digital guest directory and get started: inform themselves, book offers or contact the reception

  • No printing costs: spare yourself the trouble of printing the daily weather, the information of the tourism association, the menus etc.

  • Additional sales: Forget the whiteboard in the elevator! To inform themselves, book spa treatments or quickly order something from room service, your guests can just lay comfortably on their beds. Thanks to the ease of use of the digital guest directory, hotel offers are widely used and additional sales are generated.

What guests say about the digital guest directory:

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