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...whether you have 5 or 50 rooms

The Tabero Digital Concierge provides each hotel numerous advantages, whether with few or many rooms, whether a luxury hotel or holiday rentals.

In B&B or holiday rentals, the digital guest directory relieves the front desk significantly. The reception desk does not have to be manned permanently, employees can simply respond to inquiries with their smartphone by email. Weather and tourism information no longer need to be printed out every day, but are constantly up-to-date on the tablets. If you need to change any hotel information, you can make these changes with just one click - the tablets are updated automatically.
Guests will find all the information about the hotel and the surrounding area at a glance. Particularly in holiday rentals and apparthotels that offer no restaurant and no spa, external offers are often integrated. It is also possible to involve advertising partners, such as a ski rental or taxi companies.

Of course, the same benefits also apply to luxury hotels, business hotels and large resort hotels. Hotels with many rooms additionally profit from the possibility to reach all guests in an optimal way. Whether for a personalized greeting from the front desk or for a special wellness offer, there is simply no better way to reach your guests than with the Digital Concierge.
With the help of automatic messages and offers the reception desk can lean back and relax: these are sent automatically, of course you decide to whom and at what intervals.

In hotels offering a variety of additional services (such as spa facilities, restaurant, etc.), the digital guest directory contributes to a significant increase of in-house sales. Guests can get information about your offers directly from their beds, and - if desired - book them straight away. Using the shops and the bookable offers, your guests will never miss a product or a hotel service!

You have one or more restaurants, room service or an extensive wine list? The Digital Concierge is perfect to publish the menu, the wines and your offers digitally. Your guests constantly keep track of your services and can get all information directly from their room at any time.

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