Tabero for Hotel Groups

"Tabero: The digital concierge - available in every hotel room - informs your guests in a modern and interactive way"

Tabero Hospitality System für Hotelgruppen

Combine hotel-group-specific information with the information provided by each hotel-member. Publish bookable offers and enable hotel-members to share their facilities.

Enjoy the advantages of the Tabero Hospitality Systems: One system - a variety of possibilities. Tablets, TVs and Info-points: all devices receive the same information. All content such as events, news, appointments ecc. is managed centrally: no double content, no paper, no printing expenses!

Your advantages

Alle Gäste erreichen

Reach your guests

Reach the guests of all hotel-members. Shared offers, interactive presentation and additional services strengthen customer loyalty. 

Keine Druckkosten

Reduce maintenance and printing expenses

Your information is always up-to-date - without paper and printing expenses. All content can be edited online - fast and easy. Important news and messages can be sent to all your hotel-members with one click.


Connect hotel-members

Manage all information of your hotel-members at one central location. Enable your guests to use facilities and offers of your hotel-members. Combine news and events of the hotel group, with news and events of your hotel-members.

Ein System

One system

Forget about isolated applications - the Tabero Hospitality System serves as a central system for all fields of application. Use the system as an info-point, internal hotel-channel, digital signage solution, digital concierge or a combination of such.

Tabero: a All-In-One Solution


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