Tabero for Hotels

"Tabero: the digital concierge is available in every hotel room, serves as a 24-7 concierge, reduces printing costs and increases in-house sales"

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Increase your Sales

Individual offers and the possibility to target your guests increase your sales. Using the push-function, your offers are no longer overlooked by your guests. Forms such as late-check-out, extend-your-stay and book-your-next-stay enhance the customer loyalty and reduce the workload of your hotel. 


Reduce printing and maintenance Expenses

Serving as a digital guest folder your information is always up-to-date - completely without printing and paper expenses. All content can be edited online - fast and easy. The reception is not unnecessarily burdened, thanks to the integration with your hotel PMS and the forwarding of bookings directly to the responsible employee.


Modern Entertainment in all your Rooms

Thanks to the mixture of intuitive user-interface, mobility and vast selection of international magazines, newspapers, games, music and TV, the Tabero Hospitality System provides your guests an extensive entertainment. Your guests come upon a system, providing them with all required information and a variety of additional services.

What are the features of the digital Concierge?

Hotel contents & paperless guest directory

Keep all your content up to date, and change it on all your devices with just one click

Digital Concierge

Offer your guests concierge services, such as "Book an extra night", "Late check-out" and much more

Spa & Wellness

Present your wellness program and ensure optimal usage with targeted offers

Appointments & Events

Give your guests an overview of your leisure activities and framework programs. No event goes unnoticed by your guests.

Push Offers

Send your bookable offers to all your guests via push function. Thereby the visibility of your offers is guaranteed.


Present the products of your stores interactively and allow your guests to purchase directly from the room.

Guest Management

Offer your guests a direct line to the front desk. Thanks to the PMS integration the guest check-in/check-out will be managed automatically.


Entertain your guests with international newspapers and magazines, games, movies & TV, radio and music.

Feedback & Social

Allow your guests to give feedback already during their stay. Whether as an internal form or on the common sites.

External Contents

Automatically integrate external content: Weather, traffic information and events etc.

Your advertising partners

Develop new revenue sources through the integration of your advertising partners.


Reduce your administrative overhead: automatic check-in, view content on TV, hotel channel or website, export to PDF, etc.

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