The Welcome Page for your hotel

all information your guests need, on their private devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops ...

  • Before arrival

    Inform your guests already before their arrival

    Your guests have access to selected content and information of your hotel, already before they start their journey. Inform your guests about important dates, events and offers! 

  • During the stay

    Always up-to-date

    Once your guests connect to the WiFi, your customized Welcome Page will appear. The Welcome Page is fully personalized to your hotel and contains all information which is interesting for your guests: information from A - Z, weather, current offers and much much more. Guests can even book hotel services and current offers, such as Spa treatments and room service.

  • After departure

    Keep in touch with your guests

    Keep your guests updated even after their departure. Guests have access to hotel news, special offers and your social media / online rating profiles. Keep your guests informed and inspire them for their next stay.

Your advantages

No additional devices

You do not need any additional devices. Once a guest connects with a private device (whether with smartphone, tablet or laptop) to the wireless network, he is automatically redirected to your Welcome Page.

Setup is a breeze

You can choose the address of your Welcome Page yourself, for example, or To ensure that your guests will be redirected to the Welcome Page, your wireless service provider must only make a small adjustment to your Wi-Fi network, and the Welcome Page is ready for action!

Easy management & growth

You want to change a content or replace a picture? No problem! Simply register online and you will be able to edit all information. Additional devices such as a touchscreen at the reception, an infoscreen in the lobby or tablets in the rooms can be easily integrated!


test an example of a Tabero Welcome Page